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    1. Immunology/Inflammation
      Metabolic Enzyme/Protease
    2. Arginase


    Arginase, an enzyme within the urea cycle in the liver, is also found in many other cells and tissues, including the lung. Arginase is present in 2 isoforms: arginase I, the hepatic isoform; and arginase II, the extrahepatic isoform; each of which is encoded by a distinct gene.

    The expression and function of arginase I in macrophages, hepatocytes, and vascular smooth muscle cells, is stimulated by lipopolysaccharide (LPS), IL-13, altered oxygen tension, and balloon dilatation of coronary arteries. The activation and expression of endothelial arginase II can also be induced by a variety of vascular insults.

    Arginase competitively inhibits nitric oxide synthase (NOS) via use of the common substrate L-arginine. Inhibition of arginase activity enhances a variety of parameters relevant to allergic airways disease, possibly by altering NO homeostasis. Arginase inhibition actively augments NO production and has beneficial effects on normal cardiac function and on vascular dysfunction typical of atherogenesis, aging, and erectile dysfunction, and sickle cell disease.

    Arginase 相关产品 (7):

    Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
    • HY-101979A
      CB-1158 Hydrochloride Inhibitor >98.0%
      CB-1158 Hydrochloride 是一种有效的,可口服的精氨酸酶 (arginase) 抑制剂,对重组人 arginase 1/2 的 IC50 值分别为 86 和 296 nM。
    • HY-15775
      Arginase inhibitor 1 Inhibitor >98.0%
      Arginase inhibitor 1 是一种有效的人精氨酸酶 (arginases III)抑制剂,IC50 分别为 223 和 509 nM。
    • HY-19548A
      BEC hydrochloride Inhibitor >98.0%
      BEC HCl是一个竞争性的 Arginase II抑制剂,Ki值是0.31 uM (ph 7.5).
    • HY-112885A
      nor-NOHA acetate Inhibitor >99.0%
      nor-NOHA acetate 是一种特异性、可逆的 arginase 抑制剂,在缺氧条件下,可诱导 ARG2 表达细胞的凋亡。具有抗白血病的作用,同时在内皮功能障碍、免疫抑制及代谢中有效。
    • HY-W010510
      DL-Norvaline Inhibitor
      DL-Norvaline 是 L-norvaline 的代谢物,L-norvaline 是精氨酸酶 (arginase) 的非竞争性抑制剂。
    • HY-101979
      CB-1158 Inhibitor
      CB-1158 是一种有效的,可口服的精氨酸酶 (arginase) 抑制剂,对重组人 arginase 1/2 的 IC50 值分别为 86 和 296 nM。
    • HY-N2237
      Piceatannol 3'-O-glucoside Inhibitor >99.0%
      Piceatannol 3'-O-glucoside 是 Rhubarb 的一种活性成分,通过抑制精氨酸酶 (Arginase) 活性激活内皮细胞一氧化氮合酶 (NO synthase),抑制 Arginase IArginase IIIC50 值分别为 11.22 μM 和 11.06 μM。
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