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    1. Metabolic Enzyme/Protease
    2. Cytochrome P450

    Cytochrome P450

    Cytochrome p450 comprises a superfamily of heme-thiolate proteins named for the spectral absorbance peak of their carbon-monoxide-bound species at 450 nm. Having been found in every class of organism, including Archaea, the p450 superfamily is believed to have originated from an ancestral gene that existed over 3 billion years ago. Repeated gene duplications have subsequently given rise to one of the largest of multigene families. These enzymes are notable both for the diversity of reactions that they catalyze and the range of chemically dissimilar substrates upon which they act. Cytochrome p450s support the oxidative, peroxidative and reductive metabolism of such endogenous and xenobiotic substrates as environmental pollutants, agrochemicals, plant allelochemicals, steroids, prostaglandins and fatty acids. In humans, Cytochrome p450s are best known for their central role in phase I drug metabolism where they are of critical importance to two of the most significant problems in clinical pharmacology: drug interactions and interindividual variability in drug metabolism.

    Cytochrome P450 相关产品 (68):

    Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
    • HY-75054
      Abiraterone acetate Inhibitor 99.92%
      Abiraterone acetate是口服,有效,选择性和不可逆的 CYP17 抑制剂。
    • HY-14531
      Talarozole Inhibitor 99.54%
      Talarozole是有效的 CYP26A1CYP26B1 抑制剂,IC50 分别为5.4和0.46 nM。
    • HY-17356
      Fenofibrate Inhibitor 99.92%
      Fenofibrate是 PPARα 激动剂,EC50 为30 μM。
    • HY-N1201
      Apigenin Inhibitor >98.0%
      Apigenin 是一种竞争性 CYP2C9 抑制剂,Ki 为 2 μM。
    • HY-B0105
      Ketoconazole Inhibitor 99.67%
      Ketoconazole (R-41400) 是咪唑类抗真菌剂,是经典的CYP3A4抑制剂,也是 CYP24A1的抑制剂。
    • HY-N0319
      Salvianolic acid C Inhibitor 99.94%
      Salvianolic acid C 是细胞色素 P4502C8 (CYP2C8) 的非竞争性抑制剂和细胞色素 P4502J2 (CYP2J2) 中等强度的混合抑制剂,其对 CYP2C8 和 CYP2J2 的 Ki 值分别为 4.82 μM 和 5.75 μM。
    • HY-112734
      4'-Methylchrysoeriol Inhibitor 99.17%
      4'-Methylchrysoeriol 是有效的细胞色素 P450 酶 (P450) 的抑制剂,其对人 P450 1B1 依赖的乙氧基烯丙醇-O-脱乙基酶 (EROD)IC50 值为 19 nM.
    • HY-W008364
      Olivetol Inhibitor >98.0%
      Olivetol 是一种天然多酚类化合物,存在于地衣中,或由一些昆虫产生。Olivetol 竞争性地抑制大麻素受体 CB1CB2,抑制 CYP2C19CYP2D6 的活性,IC50 值和 Ki 值分别为 15.3 μM, 7.21 μM 和 2.71 μM, 2.87 μM。
    • HY-10493
      Cobicistat Inhibitor >98.0%
      Cobicistat是有效,选择性的细胞色素酶P450 3A (CYP3A)抑制剂,IC50为30-285 nM。 Cobicistat是一种药代动力学增强剂,可增强治疗HIV药物的吸收。
    • HY-70013
      Abiraterone Inhibitor 99.61%
      Abiraterone 是一种有效的选择性的不可逆 CYP17 抑制剂,IC50 为 2 到 4 nM。
    • HY-14273
      Isavuconazole Inhibitor 99.99%
      Isavuconazole 是一种水溶的苯三唑,具有抗真菌作用,同时也是 CYP3A4 的温和抑制剂。
    • HY-B0365A
      Memantine hydrochloride Inhibitor >98.0%
      Memantine (hydrochloride) (D-145 (hydrochloride)) 是金刚胺衍生物,对 NMDA 受体有较弱到适中的亲和力, 能够抑制CYP2B6和YP2D6。
    • HY-B1232
      Metyrapone Inhibitor 99.83%
    • HY-N0904
      Ginsenoside C-K >98.0%
      Ginsenoside C-K 是一种 Ginsenoside Rb1 的细菌代谢物。Ginsenoside C-K 通过抑制诱生型一氧化氮合酶 (iNOS) 和 COX-2 来发挥抗炎作用。在人肝微粒体中,Ginsenoside C-K 抑制 CYP2C9CYP2A6 活性,IC50 分别为 32.0±3.6 μM和 63.6±4.2 μM。
    • HY-17508
      Clarithromycin Inhibitor >98.0%
    • HY-N0153
      Naringin Inhibitor 99.79%
      Naringin是黄烷酮糖苷,有很多药理作用,例如抗氧化活性,降血脂,抗癌,抑制细胞色素P450酶。target: p450, IC50: 9026 uM
    • HY-B0258
      Gemfibrozil Inhibitor 99.91%
      Gemfibrozil 是一种 PPAR-α 激活剂,为一种降脂药;Gemfibrozil 同时是 P450 的非选择性抑制剂,对 CYP2C9,2C19,2C8 和 1A2 的 Ki 值分别为 5.8,24,69 和 82 μM。
    • HY-103389
      1-Aminobenzotriazole Inhibitor 99.88%
      1-Aminobenzotriazole 是细胞色素 P450 (P450) 的非特异且不可逆抑制剂。
    • HY-30151
      Methoxsalen Inhibitor 99.98%
      Methoxsalen (8-Methoxypsoralen)是呋喃香豆素化合物,可用于补骨脂,用于治疗牛皮癣,湿疹,白癜风和一些暴露在阳光下的皮肤淋巴瘤,是P450抑制剂。
    • HY-N0382
      Galangin Inhibitor 99.96%
      Galangin 是 arylhydrocarbon 受体的调节剂,同时抑制 CYP1A1 的活性。
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