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    Progesterone Receptor

    Progesterone receptor (PR) is a protein found inside cells, which is activated by the steroid hormone progesterone. In humans, PR is encoded by a single PGR gene residing on chromosome 11q22, it has two main forms, A and B, that differ in their molecular weight. Progesterone is necessary to induce the progesterone receptors. When no binding hormone is present the carboxyl terminal inhibits transcription. Binding to a hormone induces a structural change that removes the inhibitory action. Progesterone antagonists prevent the structural reconfiguration. After progesterone binds to the receptor, restructuring with dimerization follows and the complex enters the nucleus and binds to DNA. There transcription takes place, resulting in formation of messenger RNA that is translated by ribosomes to produce specific proteins. Progesterone receptor plays a central role in diverse reproductive events associated with establishment and maintenance of pregnancy, alveolar development in the breast and sexual behavior.

    Progesterone Receptor 相关产品 (17):

    Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
    • HY-13683
      Mifepristone Antagonist 98.17%
      Mifepristone是黄体酮受体 (PR) 和糖皮质激素受体 (GR) 拮抗剂,体外实验中的 IC50 值分别为0.2 nM 和2.6 nM。
    • HY-N0437
      Progesterone Agonist 98.79%
    • HY-B0469
      Medroxyprogesterone (acetate) Agonist 99.82%
    • HY-16508
      Ulipristal acetate Antagonist 99.93%
      Ulipristal acetate 是一种选择性黄体酮受体调节剂 (selective progesterone receptor modulator),用于治疗良性妇科疾病如子宫肌瘤。
    • HY-15606
      Tanaproget Agonist 98.99%
    • HY-B0257A
      Dydrogesterone Agonist 99.88%
      Dydrogesterone 是口服活性的孕激素,可作用于孕酮缺乏相关疾病。
    • HY-B0111
      Drospirenone Agonist >98.0%
    • HY-13676
      Megestrol Acetate Inhibitor >98.0%
      Megestrol醋酸盐能抑制HegG2,IC50为260 μM。
    • HY-B0084
      Dienogest Agonist 99.12%
    • HY-B1710
      Norethindrone acetate 99.33%
      Norethindrone acetate是FDA批准用于治疗子宫内膜异位症,由异常激素水平引起的子宫出血症和继发性闭经的女性孕激素。
    • HY-B1089
      Ethynodiol diacetate Agonist 98.02%
      Ethynodiol diacetate是一种甾体孕激素, 用作激素避孕药, 具有相对较少或没有雄激素效果, 而具有显著雌激素作用。
    • HY-12516
      Desogestrel Agonist 99.33%
    • HY-B0521
      Altrenogest Agonist 98.62%
      Altrenogest (Allyltrenbolone) 是孕激素,结构与trenbolone相关,能作用于孕激素受体。
    • HY-B1095
      Chlormadinone acetate Agonist >98.0%
      Chlormadinone醋酸盐是一种类固醇孕激素, 具有抗雄激素和抗雌激素特性。
    • HY-B0110
      Gestodene Agonist 99.86%
      Gestodene(SHB 331;WL 70)是孕激素类避孕药。
    • HY-13071
      Nestoron Agonist 99.41%
      Nestoron(ST1435; Elcometrine)是19-norprogesterone衍生物,是孕酮受体高亲和力激动剂。
    • HY-U00091
      Gestonorone Capronate
      Gestonorone Capronate是治疗良性前列腺肥大和子宫内膜癌的孕激素。
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